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The increase in technology development in the last few decades has created many new career paths. More and more jobs are necessary to power the Internet of things and the digitalization of nearly every aspect of our lives. Those wanting to work in Portland may wish to steer their career toward one of the paths discussed below.




We used various resources to write this article. These include:


  1. This list of “Best Technology Jobs” (created by U.S. News & World Report). 
  2. Glassdoor
  3. PayScale
  4. LinkedIn

We selected the top five jobs from the aforementioned list published by U.S. News & World Report. In addition, we used unemployment rates published on their list for our article. Moreover, their discussion about these jobs informed much of our discussion.


Our salary estimates below (both U.S. salaries and Portland salaries) are the result of our calculations of arithmetic averages of Glassdoor and PayScale salary figures.


Also, we used information from LinkedIn to create short lists of companies that were hiring for such jobs when this article was being written.


Software Developer

  • Average yearly salary in Portland: $73,375
  • Average yearly salary in the USA: $73,697
  • Unemployment rate: 1.6%


Software is what people call “the brain” of tech devices. Software, along with hardware, enables us to use phones, computers, smartwatches, and so on. 


The developer’s job is to write computer code for software and then to optimize and test the product to make sure it works as it should. Although software developers don’t work alone, their work is indispensable.


The following companies look in Portland for software developers:


  • Twitter 
  • Esri
  • Vevo
  • AT&T

IT Manager


  • Average yearly salary in Portland: $87,094
  • Average yearly salary in the USA: $86,432
  • Unemployment rate: 2%


Information technology (IT) managers are the brains behind a company’s needs in IT. Their job may include selecting hardware and software, implementing support systems, managing internal servers, and even cable installation. They may also manage the recruitment of other tech professionals, including programmers, software developers, and data scientists.


The following companies/organizations look in Portland for IT managers:


  • FlexIT Global
  • NW Natural
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • U.S. Bank

Web Developer


web developer
This guy is probably earning more than he was in his previous job.

  • Average yearly salary in Portland: $63,895
  • Average yearly salary in the USA: $63,852
  • Unemployment rate: 1.3%


Web developers have to know how to design and develop websites. They need a great imagination. A website’s design can significantly impact users’ browsing experience, which in turn can influence website traffic.


Web developers often work closely with clients. It is the web developer’s job to translate what the client wants into an original design.


The following companies look in Portland for web developers:


  • Tech Talent Link
  • AT&T
  • MiaDonna & Company


Database Administrator


Database schema
Database administrators use schemas to better visualize table relations.

  • Average yearly salary in Portland: $73,323
  • Average yearly salary in the USA: $75,894
  • Unemployment rate: 0.5%


Database administrators help design and optimize databases. They also help protect data. Many websites save and organize user data via databases. Not every company collects all the information they can from their websites, programs, and/or apps. However, many companies want to save data, such as website usage information. Companies can use the information they gather for many things, including to create a better user experience on their website and a better marketing strategy. 


The following companies/organizations look in Portland for database administrators:


  • Agoda
  • AltSource
  • Crossover for Work
  • Portland State University


Information Security Analyst


Information security
An information security analyst’s primary responsibility is to protect information.

  • Average yearly salary in Portland: $80,412
  • Average yearly salary in the USA: $74,010
  • Unemployment rate: 5.7%


Information may be the currency of the future. Companies already pay millions of dollars to buy data from other companies, including from social media giants. Data is so sought after that hackers dedicate their time to get it. Sometimes this data is very sensitive (for example, personal healthcare information). Companies often have a legal and ethical obligation to protect it.


Information security analysts design and execute processes to protect data. They must have a plan for responding to data security breaches. Also, they should keep track of system defenses (such as anti-virus protection) and make sure those defenses are working correctly. They should also be familiar with hackers’ modus operandi in order to effectively prevent attacks. 


These companies look in Portland for information security analysts:


  • Open Sesame
  • World Technologies LTD
  • Aspen Capital
  • Apple


For more information about in-demand tech jobs in the United States, check out the U.S. News & World Report list discussed above.


Do you have any thoughts about this list of tech careers in Portland? If you’d like to share them, please leave a comment below.

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