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Portland is a lovely city and one of the country’s high-tech hubs. Folks with tech skills can make amazing salaries after training up for the right job. Having a line on the high-paying jobs in Portland tech gives you a leg up and gives your studies direction and purpose. If you know more about top Portland tech jobs, you will be better prepared to select a career path that provides ample rewards.


We created this guide to help you learn about high-salary jobs in Portland tech. This article informs you about tech jobs that command top pay and offer exciting challenges. You’ll get info on tech professions that need you and will pay top dollar to get you in their shop. We also help you identify the right training so you can focus on important subjects and start earning quickly. 


Cloud Engineer


Buildings poke above clouds
In time, we’ll all live in the cloud.


If you’ve spent time in the business world, you’ve probably heard about the cloud. Cloud computing is far more than a buzzword, though. Remote computing allows businesses to use cutting-edge equipment without having to refresh their gear at great expense every few years. Portland needs all the cloud engineers it can find, so if you have the skills, you’re bound to find amazing opportunities.


You can bring home upwards of $110k a year as a cloud engineer. Study your cloud platforms—Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are the biggies, so get to know them inside and out. Network design is an important part of cloud computing, and your skills should reflect that. Earning Cisco and Sun certifications is an excellent way to get hands-on experience with equipment and design.


Product Manager


A man points out something on a computer screen to a seated woman
Shepherd your team to product development success.


Development teams need effective leaders in order to build quality products, and Portland is eager to find and pay those leaders. Rockstar programmers do best when they have a team and leadership that supports and guides them. A development team led by a product manager (PM) works in unison and pulls together toward a common goal. If you have tech skills and want to move into a senior position, consider training for a PM role.


Product managers bring home $105k a year or more. The top PMs have one foot in the technical world and the other in the managerial world, and their skill set reflects that. Your interpersonal skills get a constant workout when you manage a team, and the more tech chops you have, the more informed you’ll be and the more respect you’ll get from your team members. Study popular programming languages such as JavaScript and Python; free online training is perfect for your needs.


Software Developer


A woman types code onto a laptop next to a Python book
Become a coding boss, and start bringing home the bacon.


Trends come and go, but computers become more ubiquitous every day. Our computers utilize a near-constant flow of new programs and applications. Portland companies reward the folks who can create those programs and applications. If you have a talent for getting computers to do your bidding, you may do well in software development. As a software developer, you’ll get to work on fascinating projects and make fat stacks while you’re at it.


Software developers make excellent salaries at every stage of their career. In many cases, they’ll enjoy starting salaries in excess of $90k. To qualify for a coding role, you need plenty of language skills. Learn HTML, Python, C#, C++, JavaScript, and Java for starters, and if another language interests you, go nuts and learn it as well. The more you know, the better your chances of landing the plum gigs. There are outstanding coding bootcamps in Portland for your studies, or you can always opt to get your training online for free.


Data Engineer


A monitor full of code and data
Want to make money and help companies grow and learn? Data engineering may be just the ticket.


Today’s business environment may not seem very different than it was in the past, but every day, companies utilize more and more data analysis to stay on top of trends. When a business has effective data management and analysis programs, they are better equipped to understand the current market and develop products on the fly that are tailored to it. Portland will happily pay you lots of dough if you can make the data dance.


Data engineers do very well in Portland and can expect to see some $115k or more a year. Python is the data engineer’s language of choice, so get to know it inside and out. Learn your operating systems, too—a knowledge of Linux, MacOS, and Windows is essential for your work. You’ll design and support databases as part of the job, which means it’s also time to start studying SQL and Oracle. Free online capacitation will net you the training you need for this high-paying gig.


And that’s the deal, folks. Portland techies live in a great town that pays top dollar for their skills, and it’s helpful to understand which professions pay the best. Our look at top Portland tech jobs gives you information that helps you in your search for the right career and tells you what to focus on to start making real money in a hurry.


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