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With the growth of the tech industry, the need for tech companies and professionals saw a huge increase. For this reason, smaller cities like Portland are now entering the map as a new tech hub, giving tons of opportunities to more local tech professionals. This is not only good news to techies in the area but also those who live in the city’s vicinity, as it maximizes the exposure to a career path in the tech industry. If you’re looking to learn more about Portland companies that are paving the way for tech development, here are some of the top companies to know in 2020. 




people using the PayRange app
PayRange is headquartered in Portland and has offices in San Jose, California.


PayRange offers an effective solution to a common frustration shared by many—the inability to make purchases due to the existing payment system. Although we are moving towards being a cashless society, we are still required to carry around small change for several things like paying for parking or washing a load of laundry. This can be a frustrating experience.


Founder Paresh Patel, who is a veteran of the automated retail industry, wants to offer the quickest way to pay for things. With PayRange, you can make payment at thousands of vending, laundry, arcade, parking, coffee, and other supported machines with a simple swipe of your finger.


You can use all major credit and debit cards or add funds via Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Masterpass. It is also secure and safe as your banking details are never sent to the machines.


Green Zebra


Green Zebra’s store front.
Green Zebra’s newest store opened in February.


Green Zebra Grocery is on a mission to maximize access to healthy food by carefully sourcing the best local and organic food around. Its in-store kitchens craft hot and delicious grab-and-go meals made from scratch, as well as custom and signature sandwiches. Green Zebra has a full-service coffee bar, hot breakfasts, and tasty pastries delivered every day from local bakeries. 


The business opened its first store in the Kenton neighborhood in 2013. Since then, the company has worked with nearly 100 local nonprofits to support the community and has brought a selection of locally-sourced, delicious food to more Portlanders. Every month, Green Zebra donates money, food, and service to nonprofits within two miles of its stores.




Gabe Ragland, founder of Divjoy
Divjoy gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect codebase for your upcoming projects.


Divjoy’s mission is to provide the basic building blocks for your next web app. Generally, developers spend too much time wrestling with technical choices and rebuilding the same basic layouts. This may cause unnecessary delays in projects. By using Divjoy, you can save up to a month in development time by using its React codebase and UI tools.


With Divjoy, you can spend more time focused on what makes your web app unique. All you have to do is choose your stack and template from Divjoy’s selections and you can do further customization with its built-in editor. Tweak styles, add pages, and drag in new sections from Divjoy’s visual component library.


Object Theory


Founders of Object Theory, Michael Hoffman (left) and Raven Zachary
Founding partner Michael Hoffman was a principal technical lead on the original Microsoft HoloLens enterprise application team.


Object Theory consists of a team of talented developers, designers, and innovators who believe that mixed reality will transform the way humans work, learn, and play. Established in 2015, it is the world’s first Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality company. It has also been a member of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) since early 2016. 


Object Theory now embraces all MR/AR/VR devices relevant to its customers’ needs. It is also recognized as one of the pioneers in the industry, having made it to the list of ABI Research’s Hot Tech Innovators, among others.


Goodwell Co.


Goodwell’s team
Goodwell is about making small changes that lead to big impacts.


Approximately 850 million plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills every year, in the US alone.


About 15 billion batteries are produced and sold every year, of which 87 percent end up in landfills, 12 percent is incinerated, and only one percent is recycled. Statistics like this are the seed of true innovation behind the products that Goodwell designs and manufactures.


Its products are dentist recommended, design-centered, and innately better for the planet. Goodwill is a carbon-neutral company, so just by simply using its products, you can write off at least two things you do every day from your carbon footprint.


The company started in 2014 as a side project by founder and CEO Patrick Triato. Today, Goodwell is a tiny giant company in the sustainable oral care market.


Take Flight Marketing


Take Flight Marketing’s logo
Founder Kristin Lewis has over 15 years of experience in customer acquisition, activation and retention.


Take Flight Marketing is a boutique agency specializing in performance marketing for direct-to-consumer brands. It was founded by Kristin Lewis who has over 15 years of experience in the industry.


It offers its employees perks like a cool office, friendly environment, flexible schedule, paid health dental and vision, acupuncture, and free lunch. Take Flight Marketing has previously worked with renowned brands like Kate Somerville, Moon Juice, Veestro, and Fiji Water.



Kenmesh’s logo
Kenmesh aims to connect people who practice a holistic lifestyle.


Kenmesh is a networking and business-building platform for holistic-living enthusiasts. Users can search, share, connect, and chat on its platform. It is important to note that Kenmesh takes data privacy very seriously.


The company’s mission is to provide better networking options to society because it believes the way people connect has a big influence on the planet and future generations.


Kenmesh was founded last year by Rahul Sharma, who worked at Microsoft and has a master’s in computer science from the University of Texas in Dallas. The app is now available on iOS and will soon be ready for Android users. 





Nombolo’s founder, Prince Mlaudzi
The Nombolo app is currently in the beta phase.


Nombolo is a social network platform for people to share experiences. Ask for and receive real-time video updates about interests, places, and friends. Find a great pickup basketball game? How about a cool new restaurant? Drop a pin and make new friends around a shared interest.


Make yourself available to fulfill video requests and help the community know where and when to go to the places they want to be. While the app is still in the beta phase, you can request access to become original members of its community.’s team members
Thanks to, patients can get treatment in under an hour from their trusted healthcare provider.


About 60% of the time, primary and urgent care visits to the clinic involve hundreds of low-acuity conditions. However, the care delivery process can easily take up to 20 minutes or more per patient. proposes solutions that can automate 90% of the procedure—charting, order entry, coding, billing—and boosts clinical capacity by 15 to 20 times.


By automating the things that get in the way of human connection, healthcare service is more efficient and consumer-centric. Its solutions include SmartExam which is an asynchronous, non-video online telehealth solution that allows patients to access from anywhere.


Great Notion Brewing


Founders of Great Notion Brewing, James Dugan, Paul Reiter, and Andy Miller
Great Notion Brewing has won accolades at the World Beer Cup, GABF, and Best of Craft Beer Awards.


Great Notion Brewing (GNB) is a brewery started by three friends and neighbors in Portland—James Dugan, Andy Miller, and Paul Reiter. GNB offers hazy, fruit-forward India pale ales and culinary-inspired sours and stouts. The company sells its beer direct to beer drinkers from its taprooms in draft and cans to-go. 


Its barrel program offers award-winning American sour ales aged for nine to 24 months in oak barrels. A portion of its sour ales is blended with Oregon fruits like pinot noir grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and cherries. GNB brewpubs, headed by chef and friend Ryan O’Connor, serve creative Northwest food delicacies.


The company also has an exciting mobile app, available on Android and iOS, where users can unlock and uncover virtual characters and games. The app is also a platform for GNB fans to purchase its exclusive and limited capsule collections merch.


Hanna Andersson


Hanna Andersson’s logo

Inspired by the Scandinavian principles of happiness and play, Hanna Andersson believes the most meaningful memories happen in the simplest moments.


Hanna Andersson is an Oregon-based premium children’s apparel and lifestyle brand that creates high-quality products dedicated to children’s independence and growth made to last for generations. 


Unlike any other online shopping platforms, Hanna Andersson strives to provide the best for tomorrow’s generations. This includes having a special blog on its website that provides parenting tips and activity suggestions for families.


The brand is actively helping the community during the pandemic by giving Hanna pajamas to medical staff and patients in cities across the country and supporting Baby2Baby, an organization providing basic necessities for children and families affected by COVID-19, among others. These trying times also saw Hanna Andersson’s managers taking a pay cut, while the CEO gave up his entire salary to ensure the company’s sustainability.




Bumped's app interface
Bumped offers an elevated loyalty program that turns your spending into investment.


Bumped’s mission is to help build meaningful relationships between brands and their customers. It has built a platform that rewards customers with fractional shares of stock, empowering consumers to become shareholders. By creating access to ownership, brands, financial institutions, and businesses can cultivate stronger, more loyal relationships.


Bumped was founded in 2017 when David Nelsen—who also saw success in bringing the digital gift card to the market—saw the opportunity for a fresh approach to loyalty and rewards. Nelsen designed Bumped on beliefs that everyone deserves to be an owner, and companies deserve a reward that builds over time. 




Trestle’s founders, Jennifer Johnson, Carl Hickerson, and Damola Omotosho
Trestle matches users with brands that share similar values.


According to its statistics, 80% of today’s shoppers expect companies to do more than just making a profit, and 50% of shoppers try to buy from companies that support the causes they care about. 


Trestle’s mission is to build structural systems through data and technology that bring transparency to business practices. At the same time, it aims to connect consumers with brands that operate by the environmental and social values most important to them. 


One of Trestle’s solutions is myTrestle Button, which is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox. Each user indicates their most important values (environment, labor practices, social impact, small/medium company, cruelty-free, locally-made, natural, transparency) and as they shop online, myTrestle Button will show how compatible each company is to your unique values.


Candid Wholesale



Candid’s logo

Candid’s platform offers three different monthly plans and they are all for free. 


Candid is a community of brands, retailers, and showrooms united around the idea that everything’s better when buyers and sellers work together. For retailers, Candid’s platform allows them to make smart, data-driven decisions on the product, order, invoice, shipment, and relationship level. 


For brands, it offers a branded, shoppable catalog, with detailed order analytics and one-click invoicing. Meanwhile, for showrooms, Candid provides accurate inventory, detailed reporting, and relationship-focused CRM. 




MIME’s office
MIME’s shade finder can integrate easily with your online store or mobile app. 


While online shopping has become a new favorite pastime for many, some still prefer to shop at physical stores as they get to experience the product first hand. This is especially true when shopping for beauty products like foundation. However, MIME has a solution to help brands create a better shopping experience for make-up lovers.


MIME’s AI-driven solution provides facial mapping and skin analysis to match the user’s exact skin shade. It can power recommendations for any brand or retailer from a simple selfie. MIME’s foundation shade finder is built with privacy in mind so brands don’t need to worry about their customer’s data. 


Its AI has been trained using hundreds of thousands of photos, both in a scientific research study and photos from in the wild. MIME can detect undertones, complexion, and skin types accurately.





BeachNecessities’ logo

BeachNecessities offers a 15% off coupon for first-time customers is an online retail company for beach goods. While the industry is really big in the US, not many existing companies offer sustainable products. Given the impacts of climate change and the ocean plastics, BeachNecessities is trying to make the beach a happy place again by paying focus on sustainability.


The company offers various products for water activities and sports, apparel, accessories, beach house furniture, and sun protection. BeachNecessities is so committed to change that they donate 1% of its annual revenue to non-profits that support the environment. 




RevenueZen’s logo

RevenueZen has helped 80+ companies around the world build, optimize, and execute high-performing growth strategies.


RevenueZen is a startup growth agency run by former Silicon Valley revenue leaders, focused on B2B content marketing, lead generation, and LinkedIn services. RevenueZen believes the world will be a better place when leaders can stop worrying about how they’ll find more leads and pipeline, and start focusing on their unique vision for their company. 


That’s why RevenueZen’s mission is to help companies to get growth right the first time. RevenueZen provides companies with on-demand access to the sales and marketing strategies, tools, and teams they need when they need it. It offers solutions for content marketing, lead generation, and Linkedin strategy. 




Founders of LocalDawgs Ben Tantillo and Sarah Tantillo with Wolfie
The app is free to download, all you need is a Facebook or Google account to sign-in.


LocalDawgs is a pet-sitting exchange app. Its platform connects pet owners with each other to exchange the service instead of paying for it. The pet owners are the pet sitters. LocalDawgs is the solution to the problem of paying too much for pet-sitting. It’s a great alternative to expensive pet care and an added bonus of meeting new people in your community.


The founders launched the app about 20 months ago in the Portland area, and it just hit over 1,075 members. According to the statistic, 61% of users are using it for the service and 42% have used the app more than once. Each member has to go through an ID verification process so you can be confident members are who they say they are. 


Next Ascent


Next Ascent’s offices at WeWork
Next Ascent’s team are mostly freelancers around the US and a small staff in Portland where its development is done.


Next Ascent is a small startup in the Lloyd District and it’s located in a WeWork space. Next Ascent is an outdoor media and app platform offering the main solution dubbed Next Ascent for Climbers. It caters to outdoor enthusiasts who find it hard to get authored content for detailed climbing and descent information.


It provides offline maps and fully-authored outdoor guidebooks in digital and print form. Next Ascent is the fastest growing digital app guidebook platform for rock climbing. Its comprehensive app guidebooks are in beta mode for areas all over the US and soon Europe.


Later this year, the company plans to launch another solution called the Adventure Grind platform for other outdoor passions like backcountry skiing and trail running. 




A Zest yoga class
Zest conducts pre and post-event surveys to ensure it meets the needs of clients.


Zest’s mission is to help people live healthier, happier, and more connected lives. With Zest, you can save time as your workload stays the same with either 1 or 100 classes. It was founded by Jen Ottovegio and her goal was to make onsite wellness programs that are both highly effective for participants and also painless for business owners to implement, manage, and evolve.


Zest hires incredibly talented independent contractors who are credentialed to teach fitness, yoga, meditation, Zumba, pilates, barre, and other wellness classes. Zest is also hired by the most innovative commercial property owners in town that are looking to push the envelope on tenant amenities and run onsite yoga classes.




A person wearing AoAir’s respiratory mask
The Atmos is better than many other sports air filtration masks in the market.


AoAir’s mission is to provide respiratory protection to people across the globe dealing with harmful air on a daily basis. Its first product is the Atmos, which is a smart and sleek mask designed to create a positive pressure difference between the environment and the face. This utilizes its patented PositivAir™ technology via small fans that allow people to breathe, while still being comfortable with no seal around the mouth or nose. AoAir’s values are science, citizenship, and partnership. 


AoAir’s face wear, formerly known as 0202, has even made it to the fashion week runways in Seoul and New York. It is also an honoree of Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards 2019. 




Marmoset’s team members
Marmoset’s meticulously-curated catalog stretches from obscure psychedelic cumbia to certified radio hits and lush orchestral scored gems. 


Marmoset’s vision for the future is to seed, cultivate, and grow a sustainable, inclusive ecosystem where music and art are valued and respected, and relationships are meaningful. The result is a rich community where industry, art, and people of every kind thrive together. In 2019, Marmoset becomes the first purpose-driven, certified B Corporation in the music industry—firmly rooted in community, strong values, and togetherness. 


Its employees have benefits like medical, dental, vision insurance, up to 12 weeks paid parental leave, bereavement Leave, technology allowance, recording studio privilege, and paid creative days.


The company has also previously worked with other renowned brands like Apple, Netflix, EA Sports, Google, and Patagonia.


 360 Paymentech


Founders of 360 Paymentech
For every business that you refer to and uses 360 Paymentech’s service, it will give you and them $100.


360 Paymentech’s goal is to make things simple, quick, and easy. It provides your business with multiple quotes from merchant service providers that are fighting for your business. By creating a continuously growing network of merchant service partners, 360 Paymentech is able to provide more options with better prices than if you were to meet with them on your own. 


The company prides itself on partnering with a widespread and diverse network of merchant service providers to cater to each individual business and their varying needs from a processing standpoint. 


Mercy Corps


A Mercy Corps worker on the field
Mercy Corps works with NASA on empowering small-scale farmers using the power of satellite data.


Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians on the front lines of today’s biggest crises. The organization has 6,000 team members working across more than 40 countries to pioneer breakthrough solutions and to help communities forge new paths to prosperity in the face of disaster, poverty, and climate change. 


It harnesses technology to help communities solve their own biggest challenges. The organization also uses technological advances to deliver aid faster, better, and to more people around the world, while reducing the digital divide. 


Mercy Corps has helped 2.3 million farmers access financial products and services through their mobile phones to increase crop yields and incomes in the face of climate change. They’ve also helped more than 1.5 million refugees access vital lifesaving information through digital platforms. Last year, Mercy Corps reached nearly 29 million people.


RainShadow Labs


A RainShadow worker in the lab
RainShadow offers one free-range local turkey for every employee during Thanksgiving.


RainShadow Labs is the premier custom formulation house for personal care private label manufacturing. It produces the highest quality natural and organic products while providing unsurpassed customer service, product stability, and efficacy. 


The company named every one of its buildings after a specific mushroom. This is a symbolic move because mushrooms turn all manner of rot, disease, mold, sickness, and death into a new life for everyone and everything. That is its intention with every product that it makes. 


Its employees are paid to read books and give book reports. The CEO and co-owner Vanessa Johansson chooses the books and everyone receives an incentive of $75 to read it and then present it to the entire company. Annually, RainShadow places a clothing order for each employee and they enjoy a four day work week with three days every week to have a life outside of work. 


Kamoka Pearls


Kamoka Pearl’s logo

Kamoka touts sustainable pearl farming.


Kamoka Pearl Farm is located in Tahiti, more specifically in Ahe Atoll lagoon in the northeast region. This lagoon is very rich in nutrients which helps the oysters to grow. Kamoka Pearl is famous for being a sustainable company in the pearl farming industry and it has its own eco-farming techniques to produce better quality pearls while still helping the environment.


One of the eco-friendly processes involved is using solar- and wind-powered electricity. The company collects freshwater from rain to use in its daily activities. Instead of wasting a lot of water to wash the oysters, they are placed in the lagoon near the shore where other marine species clean them naturally. 


A study by National Geographic has shown that Kamoka’s farming methods have helped to increase the area’s fish population in recent years. The company also takes good care of its staff. It has communal spaces for all workers plus a fair salary that keeps its employees loyal to the company.


Beyond Pulse


Beyond Pulse’s team members at a soccer match
Its Beyond Pulse Smart Belts and Player App can provide a clear understanding of health and performance indicators.


Beyond Pulse promotes connectivity between coaches and players through smart wearable technology. It believes in championing empathy and understanding to transform sports teams into sports communities. Beyond Pulse’s goal is to offer access to tools that will engage players, coaches, and families with the game in ways that bring them closer to each other.


Beyond Pulse provides its employees the tools, freedoms, and resources necessary to develop their skills to the extent of their abilities. Through collaboration, transparency, and community, Beyond Pulse empowers employees to learn and grow both personally and professionally.


Everpeak Partners


Everpeak Partners team photo

Everpeak Partners has helped more than 150 clients harness the power of Customer Relationship Management tools and marketing automation


Everpeak Partners is a dedicated team of business analysts and developers who are Salesforce and Pardot experts. Oliver Sholder was inspired to start Everpeak Partners after working at four successful Salesforce consulting firms. 


Its goal has always been to refine the art of Salesforce consulting to a value-based approach where client success is the number one focus. Its solutions include Salesforce development, process design, system integration, and user training. Everpeak Partners is also a certified Salesforce cloud consultant and Salesforce administrator.




Founder and CEO of Revedy, Colin Carvey
Revedy is focused on increasing sales in 2020 and expanding its network of investors and agents.


Revedy was launched by a team of real estate veterans to create a curated service that demystifies the process of purchasing and maintaining valuable vacation rental properties. Revedy simplifies everything from the search to financing to finding the right Vacation Rental Manager (VRM) so that owners don’t have to worry about anything as they open a new monthly revenue stream or acquire their ideal getaway property. 


Revedy’s mission is to create the third category of real estate—vacation rentals. It connects buyers with their ideal vacation rental investment home. Revedy’s team of vacation rental professionals and real estate consultants are prepared to speak to industry players and individual markets and provide expert advice on investment opportunities. 


Eleven Software


Eleven Software’s team members
Today, thousands of companies in the hospitality industry trust Eleven to keep millions of guests connected.


Eleven is a software development company and it created the first guest Wi-Fi management system that is cloud-based and designed for the hospitality industry. Eleven’s smart Wi-Fi platform provides centralized cloud management for frictionless connectivity and consistent, high-performance Wi-Fi across multiple devices and properties. 


With ElevenOS customers can choose how guests access Wi-Fi with flexible authentication options, configure internet service plans, manage permissions and optimize bandwidth from a central dashboard, and connect Wi-Fi analytics with Property Management (PMS). ElevenOS cloud software platform is built for scalability, whether you have one location or thousands. 


Genius Cloud Solutions


CEO of Genius Cloud Solutions Zachary Jeans

CEO of Genius Cloud Solutions Zachary Jeans.


Genius Cloud Solutions delivers intelligent software integrations with a particular passion for the Salesforce ecosystem. It cares about discovering what makes an organization special and then streamlining the Salesforce experience. The team prides itself for being tenacious, kind, and optimistic about its clients’ success. At the moment, Genius Cloud Solutions is working on an app to modernize the teacher, student, parent, and administration relationship. 


The company is now helmed by CEO  Zachary Jeans, a former independent strategist for the past eight years. He has had extensive experience working with Salesforce partners and customers through marketing and business strategy efforts. In fact, a study done by Run Consultants had chosen Jeans as the number one Salesforce influencer on Twitter in 2014 and 2015. 


Beyond the focus of Salesforce, Jeans was co-leader of LeadWithGiants—an organization dedicated to raising up 10,000 uplifting leaders across education, business, tech, and government—for five years.




Chroma’s logo
Chroma is a supply chain finance platform for the cannabis industry.


Chroma is a modern protocol design studio. It is currently developing a new future for alternative finance, adding consumer transparency to supply chains, and creating new models for the use and distribution of psychoactive medicines. 


Chroma was founded in 2013. In 2015, it launched the first public security token and won the best fintech startup at SXSW. In 2016, Chroma graduated from the Barclays/Techstars NYC program. 


How does it work? After purchasing a product, customers then download the Chroma’s app, peel the QR sticker, then scan the Signet code hidden inside. Customers then receive a crypto reward for buying your product. 




CrowdStreet’s team
With industry-leading reporting and tracking tools, you get deep visibility into each offering with CrowdStreet.


CrowdStreet is an online platform for investing in real estate. It gives its clients quick access to a list of great investment opportunities in the real estate industry. Users can compare and review various opportunities to select the one that best matches their criteria for a good investment. 


Besides managing funds and the user’s portfolios, CrowdStreet provides advisory services for anyone to make the right choice when investing. Users can select between investing in individual deals, funds, and vehicles or getting investment advice and compare options.




GridRival's app interface
The GridRival’s app has a built-in chat tool to make engagement with other members seamless.


GridRival makes it easy to compete against friends and other motorsports enthusiasts. It offers the only fantasy platform built by and for motorsports fans. Users can analyze favorite drivers and teams to build the perfect line-up. Your GridRival leagues can be managed with ease on mobile devices and laptops. This allows you to trade while on the go or when you should be working.


This app also provides the latest motorsports news to the fans, making it a comprehensive one-stop platform for all race enthusiasts.




The interface of Science Journal app
Karbon helped Google build Science Journal for iOS, which is a platform for scientists to keep notes, photos, and observations all in one convenient place.


Karbon is an app development company, specifically for iOS, that designs awesome and very user-friendly apps. It has worked with many big companies around the world like Twitter, American Express, and Condé Nast that trust Karbon to deliver exactly what they ask for. Because it has made apps that have win awards, Karbon strives to maintain its good reputation. 


To keep it going, Karbon has a small team that only works on a few projects at a time and give the necessary attention up to the smallest detail. Karvon’s values are honesty, transparency, and open communication to keep its partners happy. 




PixelConverge’s website
With PixelConverg,  you can be the marketing hero your team needs.


PixelConverge offers a communication platform for your team or customers. It offers loads of new web features and a framework that provides a robust platform for all new start-ups, via social networking sites. With PixelConverge you can make clients social media-friendly via the web, so map listings on social media sites and networks, and provide 24/7 support via Live platforms. 


The Better Bean Company


A family feasting on Betterbean products
BetterBean ships its products in BPA-free packaging to ensure they stay clean and healthy for its customers.


BetterBean’s mission is to inspire people to eat more beans. It was founded by Keith Kullberg and by now it has become a family business. Keith was a college student at Oregon State when he came up with a crazy good recipe for red beans. It was so good that by 2010, he started selling it with the help of his two daughters. Better Beans now sell its beans in stores and farmers market all over Portland. 


BetterBean’s ingredients come from organic or sustainable farms as they grow better flavor. BetterBean became a Benefit-Corporation certified because it’s dedicated to building a values-based business. 




Wellsource has adopted technological advances that provide an impressive user experience on any platform or device.


Wellsource is the longest-serving and most experienced company in the health risk assessment industry. Wellsource offers a guide to learn everything you’d ever want to know about health risk assessments, from compliance consideration to integration options. Founder, Dr. Don Hall, combined two of his passions—health education and technology—to create the first computerized health appraisal in the United States.




Extensis' website homepage
Extensis offers a tuition reimbursement program as well as 24/7 access to an e-learning system for its employees.


Extensis was founded in 1993 in Portland to help remove those barriers that held back its customers’ creativity. Extensis streamlines the connection between you and your assets, so you can stop searching and start creating. Its services include digital asset management, font management, and GIS tools to manage, protect, and work with high-resolution geospatial imagery.


Green Earth Medicinals


Green Earth Medicinal's raw products
Green Earth Medicinals can improve sleep, mood, relieves pain, and soothe muscle pains due to exercise. 


The company was out of the belief that cannabinoid-based medicine has a role to play in managing health and addressing serious chronic conditions. Research shows that CBD provides safe and effective support for a healthy lifestyle. 


Green Earth Medicinals is a series of medications made with cannabidiol. It’s designed and formulated by professional physicians to improve our lives.  Cannabis has long been related to alleviating pain. That’s why one of the compounds found in it, cannabidiol, is used to relax the body, diminish pain, and just have an overall calmer life.  


Paper Epiphanies


Paper Epiphanies' logo
Paper Epiphanies is offering free shipping and stamps during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Founder and CEO Victoria Venturi fell in love with the art of letterpress in 2012 and saw there was a niche in the market but none that combined the elegance of letterpress with the truth of the tongue. Because of this, she founded Paper Epiphanies, a brand that offers a line of paper that pushed the envelope and didn’t need to play by the “rules.”  That allowed women to say the f-word when they needed to and still look insanely chic. 




Planetary's app interface
Planetary is built on and uses the secure Scuttlebutt protocol, It’s a fully decentralized offline first network.


Planetary is an app that helps you connect to a completely open and distributed social network built on a technology called “Scuttlebutt”. It’s designed to look a lot like the social networks you use every day, but it works very differently. 


The Scuttlebutt protocol makes it possible to build an experience that feels a lot like a mainstream social network (among other things) except the messages are posted directly between friends or relay servers (that anyone can run) without the need for any central server or anyone company running the whole system.




CBD Capital's CEO David Metzler and CMO Zak Garcia
CBD products are being used more often every day and they have many medicinal benefits with almost no negative effects.


CBDCapitalGroup offers CBD entrepreneurs with much-needed capital and expert advice to guide them through both obstacles and operational services. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on the aspects of the business they are most passionate about. Through the guidance of CCG’s team, companies can learn their target audiences and how to reach them. The CCG team has raked in over $1 billion in sales over their careers and brought valuable professional experience to the cannabis industry. 


The Gartrell Group


The Gartrell Group employee working on mapping.
The Gartrell Group has been offering map-focused hosting services longer than any other company in the U.S.


Gartrell provides the necessary expertise to help clients define and execute strategies to optimize their use of geospatial technology, improve locational know-how, streamline workflows, and practices. It helps clients develop dynamic plans to ingrain location into their thinking, practices, and business operations. Its team knows the ins and outs of implementing and caring for tailored, high-performance GIS platforms and systems.




Versi app interface
Versi offers a better way to explore your community.


Versi was created to connect the growing Latino community with local businesses, community organizations, resources, events, and more. Versi’s platform is easy to use in English or Spanish. It uses geolocation to find favorite venues, has a website for easy access, creative design, and offers discounts and promotions from your smartphone. 


Founded by Jorge and Cesar Guzman, Versi is the platform to find your favorite panaderia (bakery), carniceria (butcher), or taqueria (food stand). Also, users can find establishments with a feature called Versi WiFi, outdoor activities, and access points to nature.

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